InnuPure C96
●Fully automated nucleic acid extraction based on proven magnetic particle separation technology
●Preparation of up to 96 samples in parallel
●Pre-prgrammed protocols
●Pre-programmed extraction protocols for optimal reproducibility
●Adjustable elution volumes
●Automatic filling of reagent plasticware with all the necessary solutions
●Minimum number of manual steps
●Compact desktop unit for any lab bench
●Optimized lysis thanks to the use of a thermoshaker with up to 3,000 rpm and 99℃
●Optional UV lamp and HEPA filter to minimize possible contamination for easy decontamination
●Highly flexible system for a wide variety of starting materials and volumes
●Ready-to-use purification kits for easy handling and the extraction of high quality nucleic acids
InnuPure C16
●Up to sixteen samples in parellel
●Automatic isolation of very pure nucleic acids
●Pre-programmed protocols
●Pre-filled and sealed reagent plastics are pierced by device
●Adsorption of the isolated DNA/RNA onto magnetic or paramagnetic particles
●Adjustable elution volume
●Automatic transfer of eluates into Elution Tubes with caps
•Easy and convenient to handle
●Portable HID-Pro 320 user interface with 5.7" touch-screen (color)
●No cross-contamination
●Highly reproducible
●Fast, reliable and efficient
●Optional: UV lamp available
InnuPure C12
●Fully automated system for extraction of nucleic acids with easiest operation of the device
●For low to medium sample throughput
●Very fast extraction of genomic DNA, cellular RNA, viral and bacterial nucleic acids, as well as processing of forensic samples
●High reproducibility and no cross-contamination
●For a variety of starting material
The innuPREP Kits - IP are delivered ready-to-use with all necessary solu- tions and plastics for minimal handling steps. The pre-fi lled, sealed Reagent Plates or Reagent Strips facilitate a convenient and fast preparation of the sample tray.